Kish White and Raquelle White are sisters and the founders of SashaySorella, a beauty lash line that they launched in August 2019. Theses beauty influencers are native of Detroit, Michigan and have joined forces to bring the world the first lash line that have lashes that are named after Detroit streets and landmarks (Motown, 7 Mile, Morang, Roxbury, Belle Isle, Jumping the Broom, Say I Do). Kish is a makeup artist in Los Angeles, California. She's well respected for her skills in makeup and glam facials. Many Hollywood celebrities have had their makeovers by Kish and she has a huge following on Social Media where she educates her fan base on technique, skin care and beauty tips. Raquelle is an entrepreneur, singer/songwriter, and single mother. She has a strong work ethic and a is a seasoned business woman who lives in Detroit, Michigan. Raquelle's motto for life is "If you do what you love consistently, you'll never work a day in your life." Raquelle and Kish are two beautiful strong women with a growing business and a desire to build their legacy through the world of beauty for women everywhere.